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The waiting mind

Have you ever observed your mind when you are waiting?

I was in a Supermarket on Sunday with my family. I am not really found of shopping, so I prefer to just wait somewhere taking care of my kid and of course watching people. My wife appears with some goods in hand which goes in to the cart I am guarding and off she goes again. Normally there is a set time (sometimes not explicitly) after which normally I lose my patience. Either we stop the shopping at this point or I swear not to accompany her for another..

But last week I simply stood there watching what happening in the mind ( I am reading book on Mindfulness). As I became impatient, there was a tension building up in the mind. It was as if the flow of thoughts stopped or the thoughts got confined to smaller circles.  The tension in the mind was something similar to what a magnet has on some iron pieces strewn on a paper.

This is what happens in the mind normally when one waits. The thinking becomes unconscious; that’s why many lose temper when they wait. Next time when you are waiting for something and are about to lose your temper, for a moment watch your mind.

But the real revelation was something different. This explains why many of the ideating sessions we conduct in offices do not work. We are there waiting for the idea to come and this waiting makes the mind ‘tense’ which is a non creative state. An idea that arises effortlessly and spontaneously comes from the mind that is not waiting; but at rest. I think this is one of the biggest blocks for creativity; but hard to see because of the contradiction build in to it.