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A lesson on dignity

Another weekend in my hometown; I spent my day watching butterflies, birds and lazily strolling amidst trees.

I have grown some creepers over the fence that bears beautiful violet flowers. There was this large beetle visiting the flowers to drink nectar. As I was watching, the beetle would gently circle over a flower, lands on it, tucks its wings, gently enters the flower and disappears ( the flower is conical shape in with a small tunnel that is just big enough to accommodate the beetle), spends few seconds inside (enjoying the nectar for sure), retreats gently and takes off to another flower.

As I stood watching the beetle going from flower to flower, I was awe struck with the simple elegance the beetle carried with it. It was strong enough to actually tear the flower apart, drink the nectar and leave carelessly. The flower was completely defenseless. But the beetle chose to be so gentle that there was absolutely no trace that it had actually entered the flower and spend few seconds drinking the nectar. Every movement of him had so much grace of grace.

How much dignity every being in nature carries and the respect they give to each other.

For a moment I felt so insignificant to be a human – the only thing in nature who does not treat anything else with any trace of respect.

Plants do understand…

There was this plant in our balcony (I do not know what is it called) which bears (supposed to)small beautiful flowers in white and reddish-brown. For whatever reason, the plant had not borne flowers for last 2 years or  more. Eventually I had moved it to a corner which didn’t have as much sunlight for me to keep other plants.

Since my family was away for the whole of May, I was taking care of the plants. It had been a while and I tried to make some changes like shifting some plants here and there, pruning etc. Then I noticed this plant and realized that I hadn’t seen it flower for a long time. Instinctively I told the plant – See, I will give you two weeks and if you don’t flower, I am going to throw you out of this place and plant something else instead.

I said it as if I say to another human being and really meant it. I had recently read an article on the great scientist JC Bose, who had proved that plants also have emotions like humans, which can be measured. I had also read about an experiment where a scientist repeatedly assured a cactus plant that there was no danger and after some time the plant shed its thorns. May be they were at the back of my mind.

I had forgotten about all this until yesterday when my wife (they are back now) showed me that the plant was blossoming. When I remembered what I had said, I could sense a mild shock travelling up my spine. The plant had buds on almost every branch.

I can’t believe that this is a coincidence. Did the plant understand what I said? If yes, what is the magnitude of the error we commit by cutting trees, pruning, uprooting and the host of other crimes that we inflict upon them?

I would like to believe that the plants choose to be silent; in the state of pure being.