Shiv Linga and Black Hole

Manesa, my friend today sent me some photographs from her visit to ‘Koti lingeswara temple‘, about 100 KM south of Bangalore. The literal meaning of the name”Koti lingeswara’ is the ‘lord of 1 crore shiva lingas’ and the temple boasts of the largest Sivalinga (108 feet) in Asia.
Shiva Linga
Shiva lingas are worshipped as representations of Lord Shiva and considered very sacred by the Hindus. The literal meaning of ‘linga’ is ‘phallus’, which has lead to some scholars attributing a sexual meaning to it and even referring to the Hindu civilization as ‘phallus worshippers’.
Like most Indians, I too had no idea what a Shiva lingam actually meant. In yoga, Siva (the masculine energy)is the epitome of consciouness and when the feminine energy (called the Kundalini) which resides at the base of the Spine rises and merges with Shiva, one transcends Time and Space. This is what is termed as Samadhi in yoga, a state of nothingness that every yogi tries to achieve.

Few months back, I was reading the masterpiece ‘A brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking. The chapter 6 gives a brief account of blackholes and even horizons. In simple terms, when a blackhole is formed, it does not even let light go out until a point where the light begins to bend. And here is the representation from the book.
A blackhole represents the ‘void’ or ‘nothingness’ in Space. As I read this, I could not help wondering; if the human mind where to reach a state of ‘void’ (the state of Samadhi when one is merged with the higher consciousness or in simple words there exists nothing in the mind), how would the mind look like.

And the answer would be that it would look like a Shiva Linga.

There must be other explanations behind the shape of Shiva Linga. But I am inclined to believe that the ancient sages of India had experienced the state of ‘void’ and used the linga to represent it, and as there is no difference between what is inside and outside, the same representation holds good for blackholes too.

3 thoughts on “Shiv Linga and Black Hole

  1. Sudip

    I was going through the black holes and found similarity between the two in the same way. So, I was trying to confirm whether someone has thought the same in recent times or not.. Thanks a lot

  2. Sandeep chalke

    I am giving you my research for free 🙂 Linga means a huge black hole right in the center if Universe and there are several points in our mythology and Vedas to prove this .. in Shiv Purana Shiv is referred to as a Maha-Kaal Literally meant one who is beyond time above time. The famous reference of time and black hole relation is evident here. Also in another reference in the book Shiva is angry on Shukraacharya and gulps him down his throat this is when Shukracharya travels through Shiva and sees constellations and planets and then is emitted out of Shiv’s Linga and along with Shukraanu and that’s where he gets his name Shukra achaarya ! and many more references .. The person who can make sense of Vedas given to us by Aliens you can call them God’s and decodes them will change the fate of humanity !

  3. Santhosh K

    Sorry for Late Reply..Am just now started working on this
    Yes Absolutely correct Shiva linga is a Black hole. But its not only Black hole…
    Its a Whole eternal universe.
    When you see a Black hole from outside its look like a fire Stick. Because it is surrounded with number stars and star dust. Scientist called that Bulge Bulge Meaning is outward curve.
    And this curve is eternal to the whole universe. Am already told its not only Black hole , its not only spins whole universe. IT IS A WHOLE UNIVERSE.


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