A lesson on dignity

Another weekend in my hometown; I spent my day watching butterflies, birds and lazily strolling amidst trees.

I have grown some creepers over the fence that bears beautiful violet flowers. There was this large beetle visiting the flowers to drink nectar. As I was watching, the beetle would gently circle over a flower, lands on it, tucks its wings, gently enters the flower and disappears ( the flower is conical shape in with a small tunnel that is just big enough to accommodate the beetle), spends few seconds inside (enjoying the nectar for sure), retreats gently and takes off to another flower.

As I stood watching the beetle going from flower to flower, I was awe struck with the simple elegance the beetle carried with it. It was strong enough to actually tear the flower apart, drink the nectar and leave carelessly. The flower was completely defenseless. But the beetle chose to be so gentle that there was absolutely no trace that it had actually entered the flower and spend few seconds drinking the nectar. Every movement of him had so much grace of grace.

How much dignity every being in nature carries and the respect they give to each other.

For a moment I felt so insignificant to be a human – the only thing in nature who does not treat anything else with any trace of respect.


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