Monthly Archives: October 2010

Creative thinking

Someone sent me this picture; it’s really amazing how creative children can get.

It reminded me of the barometer story of Niels Bohr. When he was a student, he asked to answer the question – how to measure the height of a building using barometer. He came with numerous answers (very interesting ones) except what was expected as the right answer. Finally when the teacher asked him whether he knew the conventional (right) answer for the problem, he replied ” Yes I do, but I do not like they teaching me how to think”

Read the complete story here:

How dreams are constructed

Last night I was travelling back to Bangalore in a bus.

 I had a dream. I was sitting in what looked like a coach and there was someone sitting in front of me. Some people were walking towards the train and some of them tied some kind of shining bracelets on his (the person sitting in front of me) arm which was held out through the window. I was just sitting there watching this.

 Suddenly, I was distracted by the crowing of a rooster and as I turned around, I saw few roosters and hens standing nearby.

At this moment the dream ended and I woke up. But I could still hear the rooster crowing, but now more clearly. For few moments, I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or awake! As I came to my senses, things became clear. It was nearly day break and the bus had stopped by a roadside tea shop. And there was a cock standing by the road and crowing! And this was the one that I heard in my dream too. There was such a perfect continuity in the crowing between dreaming and wakeful states. But during the dream, the rooster was very much part of the dream (I actually saw it). So either the subconscious mind heard the sound and integrated it nicely in to the dream. Or the other possibility could be that the crowing of the rooster (heard subconsciously) triggered a dream around it.

 I do not know which is right. I have had this experience before. Sometimes when I have been woken up by people talking loud and if I happened to be dreaming, I used to first hear the conversations as a part of the dream woke up with perfect continuity. There is always a small interval which is very hazy, where I am not sure which state the mind is.