Thought in its purest form

In the previous post I have said that a ‘creative thought’ (if I can call it a thought..) is one that is not influenced by the past. It has no continuity from the past events and does not bear a cause-effect relationship with anything. I stick to it, but thinking further, this is only one side of it. A ‘creative thought’ is also not influenced by the future. This means that it does not have a result beyond it or does not lead to something else.

This is to say that the element of time cease to exist because all the continuity exists only linearly. One is taken out of the dimension of time (may be briefly) and in the new dimension of space that emerges, flowers a new thought.

Also, this thought is not influenced (or conditioned) either by what it belongs to nor what it contains. And the thought itself is not influenced by its own past and future. In other words the ‘creative thought’ does not evolve or transform. It simply exists. Rather it chooses to.

Its identity is not derived from anything that is there or that will be there. One can’t know it, it is beyond the logical mind to relate to..

 This is thought in its purest form…


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