Right-Left Brains and the Presence

Though I am inclined to believe that the two brains (the right and the left hemispheres) play a role in the ‘present moment’, I am not really sure. The comment from Murali on the last post (Presence) forced me to think over this again and here is a hypothesis.

I am assuming (believing) that the thinking shifts between the two brains. In a normal person, the thinking and the shift can be represented as shown below:

The pulses represent thinking and the left brain is dominant here (marked L).Then there are gaps (red circle, marked R) where the ‘thinking’ shifts to the right brain. Here there is no ‘thinking’ the way we know it, but there is intense awareness. (there are also times when we draw blank may be out of exhaustion/sleep deprivation etc (marked in blue circle) – this is not a state of presence). These are the creative spaces where the ‘Aha’ moments can occur.

But typically in most of us, the left brain is so dominant that the ‘gap’ or the ‘state’ of presence is hardly there. There is so much of noise out there, mainly because after some time thinking becomes an unconcious and involuntary activity, which needs to keep happening.

An ideal thinking pattern would look something like this

There is more balance here, the ‘thinking’ shifts between the two brains.

This is what is needed to happen in ideation sessions for good ideas to come out.

This is just a hypothesis. There are techniques which can make this shift for sure. But I am not clear if  ‘intelligence’ has got to do anything in this..

Looking forward to your thoughts on this..


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