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The homework book

Everytime my daughter brings her homework book for signature,  I find something amusing in there. It is the case with every child; there is a mix of innocence, wonder and creativity in the way they see the world (and probably try to understand it..). Here are some examples on visualisation of words:

There has to be something to look at, right?

Late to school are her frinds and her (different color bags…)

Live is actually an aquarium (life has to be moving..)

We say NO with hands..

“Do and Did ‘ is the same activity separated by time


My 6 year old daughter was in the living room watching television. I was reading something in my room; when I heard my wife asking her what the time was. My wife was in the kitchen and the clock was on the living room wall.

 I could not resist paying attention to, because my daughter had not yet learnt how to find out the time. Few moments pass by, me waiting.

“9.45” shouts my daughter

 “9.45?…where is the small needle?” asks my wife from the kitchen

“it is pointing to 9” replies my kid

“is it above or below 9?”


“so, what time is it?”


 “very good”

Looks like my wife has been training her to figure the time out looking at a clock. But I was overcome by a strange guilty feeling. I was witnessing one of the biggest crimes that every parent does to their children – to teach them what time means. Till about the age of 5 or so, children don’t much understand what time is. They can’t figure out what it means “to be getting late”, because they are there where they are. That’s the reason why children are happy, energetic and creative.

 And we teach them what time is and this is something that takes away pretty much all the joy in their lives.

It took me so many years to find out that one of the biggest problems in my life was that I was always separated from ‘my self’ by what is called time.

I don’t know if the kids can escape from this bondage. May be not. That’s needed for surviving in this world.

But hopefully, one day they will also learn to step out of it….

May be “time” needs to be there to glorify that moment…