The country that gods rule…

Gods rule this country. Any problem that the government, judiciary, police, technology or medicine cannot resolve, people simply go to gods and…..the problems is solved, no matter how hard or bad it is.

See below how innovative this can get…


If you didn’t get it…here goes the thinking. In India, people like building walls for their property, and when the “Indian men” encounter a such a wall, there is an irresistable urge to pee there. And there has been no way to stop this age old habit…law would be useless as this is almost a comulsive reaction.

So..comes gods.  Some one started to make tiles  with gods pics which you can put on the walls. God fearing people don’t pee on gods.

This led to another problem. Some people found it more satisfying to pee on other’s gods.

Comes the workaround: tiles with pics of gods representing all the religions in the area..(the one you see above is such a one)…



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