What makes children creative?

See the picture below; drawn by a 51/2 yr old child. (This is a scene from the Indian mythology of Little Krishna stealing butter from the women folk)


She drew this based on the stories she heard and not imitating a picture. What I found very interesting here is the entire sequence of the events depicted here.  As you can see, there are three ‘Krishna’s” in the picture (see the circles in the below picture)


This is how the imagination goes. To begin with, Krishna is sitting on a tree top and see the two women coming with butter-filled pots on their heads (the top most circle). Krishna now silently gets down from the tree (the middle circle) and then is right behind the women about to steal the butter (the bottom circle)

Look at the concept of space and time depicted in such a simple way. As adults we have developed very strong sense of both space and time, which limits our imaginaion and ceativity.

2 thoughts on “What makes children creative?

  1. Steve

    Beautiful picture.
    Not sure I understand that we have a more developed sense of space/time and as a result lack imagination because of it.
    Adults certainly come to rely on space/time to put things in order.
    I suspect that those who work in the arts refine what children first encounter not at the expense of imagination but rather the intensification of it. Picasso is a great example of this. His sense of space and time was greatly developed because of his imagination.
    I love the reckless nature of children’s drawings, bumping one thought against the other on the page. The freedom of expression is all the more potent, I think, because they are children rather than having more imagination.
    What makes children creative? The very thing they have created I suppose. Why it(sometimes)becomes latent as we age, I suspect has more to do with fear of our growing imaginations than lack of it.


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