Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

Can we heal ourselves?

There is so much hype about alternative healing and there are people who argue that human beings can heal just by their own will. How many of us believe this? Even if we believe how many of us have seen such an incident in first person?

While I used to believe that our body has a enormous power of recovery and the mind and the body are closely linked, I was skeptical about a medical cure.

While discussing this with a friend of mine, who is a medical doctor, he gave me an interesting example.

 There are patients who suffer from what is called wart (If you don’t know, warts are small hard blister like black growths found on the fingers, toes and other parts of the body). They are not really harmful and people ignore it for a long time. It spreads and by the time he comes to the doctor, there are many of them on the body. There are medications available, but a common practice is to use laser to remove them. But when the patient has many of them, it is not practical to go for a laser. So what the doctor does? He asks the patient – which was the first wart that he developed? Once the patient identifies that ‘first one’, doctor tells him that – ‘that’s mother, all others are children. So now all we need to do is to kill the mother and the children will soon disappear on their own’. If the patient believes this, the doctor just removes that ‘first one’ and whether you believe or not, all the others disappear in a matter of few days.

There is only one condition for this to work – that is that the patient has to completely trust what the doctor says (the mother-children theory..) and absolutely no doubt he being cured.

What happens here? He told me that the patients actually develop the immunoglobulin needed to clear off all the warts. Why? In response to the suggestion the doctor gave him.                                                                                                                                    

There are two things I found interesting here. It looks like the body has the power to heal itself, but that potential is hidden by our own thought patterns and more than that the faith. The other point is the power of suggestion. I think without we realizing, our subconscious mind is picking various suggestions from all around and subtly modifying what we call our belief system.

How much of what we believe is genuinely our own!